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Poster: larradol Date: Feb 24, 2009 10:35pm
Forum: forums Subject: Quit smoking permanently

My dad is addicted to smoking since last 20 years, earlier it didn’t had much effect but now when he is 50+ his cough level has considerably increased. He is also willing to quit smoking, but he always ended up smoking again. Can anyone help me find a proper guide or procedure to quit smoking permanently? Thanks in advance

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Poster: H8ALL Date: Feb 24, 2009 11:41pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Quit smoking permanently

Not sure if your on the right site for this.
In fact, you are not. duh!

But I'll play nice and tell you how I quit.
I quit. I stoped. I didn't smoke any more.

Thats how you stop doing anything, you stop.

We do not live in a world with the magic pill.
The only way to stop is to stop.

Easy? hell no.
But you didn't ask for easy.
If you try to stop anything, but still do it, you have not stoped. Simple, hard as all hell

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Poster: kevinlewis Date: Feb 25, 2009 11:25pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Quit smoking permanently

I sincerely respect your concern for dad and also it is very wise of you that you started looking for proper procedure of quitting smoke. What is the key problem with most of the smokers is that while they go for quitting, they just give it up at once. It is not easy to quit smoking as such because it is an addiction. You can get a very good e-book describing procedure for quitting, from here . One of my friends used it recently and it has helped him a lot.

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Poster: anikagrace Date: Mar 7, 2009 5:23am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Quit smoking permanently

Hi larradol, Quitting smoking is not a hard task now. There are various ways to quit smoking like medical treatment, artificial aids, hypnosis and other aids, etc. It gives immediate as well as long-term benefits. Visit this site: where I acquired a lot of information about quitting smoking.